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LAVA Power Bracelet “Fearless Sam”


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Lava: strong energy – clarity of thought – cope with anxiety – focus at work – knowledge – strengthens the immune system – relieves stress.
Lava stone is able to reveal and stimulate the activity of the Root chakra. It has a very strong energy. People who seek knowledge, lava helps to gain clarity of thought, to cope with anxiety, focus at work and to reveal all their mental capabilities. No wonder lava is a stone of knowledge. Wearing lava jewellery configures any person on natural rhythms, hearing and understanding of yourself, your body, desires, thoughts, plans, dreams. Lava stone retains heat for a long time. In contact with the body, the stone transmits not only heat, but also its useful properties. This stone is beneficial to the body, strengthens the immune system, and relieves stress.

The bracelet you receive may look slightly different to the one in the photographs. All natural stones have imperfections. These are not considered flaws, but add to the natural characteristics of each piece.