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Shungite Power Bracelet “Magnificent Matt”


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Shungite: cleansing – protection – harmony – absorbs negative energy – evil eye protection – healing.
The magical properties of shungite due to its amazing ability cleanse all that is around it. It is able to harmonize the psychological condition of the person. This stone helps to find strength for the realization of ambitious plans. Therefore, shungite jewellery is usual to give the young men and women who know what they want and confidently go to the goal. Black shungite stone helps to protect from evil eye, provocations and gossip. Shungite absorbs negative energy, improves health and protects from bad people.
These bracelets are made from pressed shungite stone chips. Shungite stone chips are pressed into balls, coated with a fixative, tinted and matte. Such shungite no longer conducts electricity. 
The bracelet you receive may look slightly different to the one in the photographs. All natural stones have imperfections. These are not considered flaws, but add to the natural characteristics of each piece.